"Andreas has spent over 8 years working as a VFX artist in the games industry. In that time he has created effects on seven different platforms and catered to all audiences. He has created family-friendly powerups for Disney Universe, nasty blood squirts for Dead Space Extraction and massive house collapses for Battlefield 1. And everything in between. He is currently running a remote VFX company called Partikel. His passion is making breathtaking effects - whether pushing the boundaries of what current technology can handle, or simple, stylish and elegant. For Andreas, it's all about what makes the players go “Woah!"

TALK: Assets that care: Why I’m rebuilding all my realtime VFX workflows in Houdini

"After spending years learning how to automate and create macros using scripts, in this presentation, Andreas will explain why he is forgetting how to write python scripts and why he wants everything to live update. After the release of Battlefield 1 he’s started converting his old vfx workflows from one off scripts to clever assets using Houdini and it's turning into an obsession. During the talk he will attempt a live demo using Houdini Engine in Unreal so language may become unsuitable for children..."