Chris Murray is an experienced 3D artist/animator and creative technologist. His daily role includes technical evangelism for the Unreal Engine - Enterprise at Epic Games. Former Technical Marketing Manager for Autodesk’s 3ds Max, former 3D content creator for clients such as, Walt Disney Attractions, Nickelodeon, and many more. Chris has a career-long relationship with learning. He was research associate at the Institute for Simulation and Training – Media Convergence Lab at the University of Central Florida and was a department chair in Digital Production at Full Sail University. Chris is an experienced presenter, Youtube personality, and book author (Mastering 3D Studio Max, Sybex) He holds an MFA in computer animation. You can follow Chris on Twitter @chrismmurray or on his Youtube channel “3dsmaxtrainer”.

Talk: What to do when you give zero f@cks about optimization and want to use a game engine? otherwise known as using the Unreal Engine for everything EXCEPT a game”

"In this talk Chris Murray will share his pain points of getting on-board with the Unreal Engine after a lifetime of working in 3ds Max. He’ll cover workflow tips, 3ds Max-to-Unreal concepts, data translation, materials, some things you should and shouldn’t do in Unreal and whatever else he can think of. He’ll also share some of the backstory of how and why Epic is moving into “Enterprise” and what that even means.

He might even have “one more thing…” :-)

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