"David Wortley is the Technical Director at Taylor James and is responsible for VFX Supervision, studio workflows, pipeline development, photography supervision, and research and development. You may also know Dave from his 3ds Max community blog and Facebook page Max Made Easy, contributing tutorials, scripts and tips to the community.  Dave also speaks at technology events such as SXSW discussing what the future of the creative industries holds.


TALK: Creativity and AI: How Deep Learning and Neural Networks will change the way we create.

"It won’t have escaped most peoples’ attention that a wave of automation is threatening jobs all over the world, but most seem to think that the jobs deemed creative are the safest ones. However, withthe recent progression of Deep-Learning and Neural Networks computers are able to do things that even as recent as 3 years ago were thought to be decades away.  Dave will be taking a futurist approach to this talk, looking at what has developed recently, what is coming soon and how this will fundamentally affect the way that everyone works in the creative industry.