"Dax is the co-founder of QuadSpinner, creators of the GeoGlyph terrain tools.

With over 15 years of industry experience, Dax has always been fond of combining art with code, and has a distinct passion for procedural creation. He has been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Person for 3 consecutive years in the field of User Experience.

TALK: Reinvigorating large scale digital environments

“In this session Dax will talk about QuadSpinner's research into large scale terrains, and the upcoming TOR terrain design platform. The rendering power to bring virtual worlds to life has increased dramatically in the last decade. However, the tools to create procedural environments have not kept up, and in some areas, have been stagnant. TOR changes the existing paradigm of terrain design for games, VR, and film by dissolving the "shader" style approach of noises and filters, and augmenting it with elements closer to their real world counterparts. Dax will also talk about the field research that began in 2009, and how it culminated into distinct new forms of terrain erosion and texturing tools.”

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