"Eva Kruijswijk is an experienced UX Consultant. As a Certified User Experience Analyst (CXA) she can not only convince users to use a certain interface, she knows how to persuade users in wanting to use the interface. Analyzing users, their tasks and their needs are the fundaments of advanced user experience. Eva sets the bar high, has a critical view and delivers  thought-out and careful analyzed design solutions. She creates realistic feasible and visual attractive IT-solutions which fulfill the need of the target audience. Her broad and solid knowledge – design and front-end development – are a real asset. Eva works for a variety of companies; Lely, Danone, National Dutch Police, Public Prosecution Service, Heineken, Tour de France, Sodexo.


TALK: Fuck it, let’s talk UX!

“This talk will give you an introduction into the world of User Experience (UX). UX/UI what’s the difference?
What are the basic principles and examples of what you should and shouldn't do?
Why do UX'ers spent so much time on Persona research and analysis?
What matters more: test results or taste to create effective interfaces?
And ends with a look back and forward in the world where UX matters." 

|Into UX|