BIO: Fianna Wong - SideFX - Canada


"Fianna is a Technical Marketing Specialist at SideFX and is most known as the robot voice of the Houdini Quickstart videos.

She loves hardsurface modeling pr0n and still cannot believe that after so many years (since starting out in MetaCreations Infini-D), the CG industry continues to innovate!"



TALK: Rendering and Using Takes in Houdini

"This presentation will take a look at how to shade and render a scene in Mantra, using the new Material context (MAT), as well as using Takes to ideate different versions of the same scene. Takes allows you to change any number of paramaters, not only in shaders, but also in geometry and any other context within Houdini; any changes made while you are in a Take, are automatically captured and listed, which makes it easy to identify that one change you made 3 hours ago"

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