“Hugo is a Director and VFX Supervisor working in the industry for 17 years. His clients included the BBC, Nexus, JellyFish and ultimately The Mill, where he became the Head of the Nuke Compositing Department and a VFX Supervisor for 4 years. Since 2014 Hugo works as a Director and VFX Supervisor at Fire Without Smoke, a London based agency specialised in Video Games marketing. Working in CG Games Cinematic Trailers for many triple A Games from like Just Cause 3, Until Dawn, Homefront The Revolution, EVE Valkyrie, The Crew and The Division"

TALK: Cloud-Based Non-physically accurate visual effects in Games Cinematics Or we just have to be better

"In the busy world of visual effects, sometimes we forget that the final result is more important then the process to get there. Come and join me in a journey thru the creative process and unconventional pipelines behind some of the latest Triple A game cinematics created at Fire Without Smoke. The Crew, Just Cause 3, The Division, HomeFront, Eve Valkyrie, Until Dawn to name a few. Let’s talk about Visual Effects and how to make then better and “cooler”"