BIO: jasper brekelemans - brekel- The Netherlands

"Jasper Brekelmans started in the professional Motion Capture industry over 15 years ago.
You may also know him as Brekel, creating tools for 3D pointcloud recording and markerless motion capture for consumer sensors like Kinect and Leap Motion.

He's been interested in VR/MR for quite a while and has lately been doing research in this field for collaborative experiences.
All of the above has resulted in Microsoft awarding him with the title: Emerging Experiences MVP"

TALK: VRAR, vrar, vrar

"Not the sound of a race car but a talk about Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality.

This will be a grab bag of:
- some projects I did
- highlights & context of new hardware/software in the industry
- what the hell happened to MR!?
- what to expect in the near future
- a time to discuss all your VR/AR/MR questions"

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