"A 15-plus year veteran of animation and visual effects for the entertainment field. Having worked for companies like Phosphene, MassMarket, Psyop, Walt Disney Animation Studios, and 1stAveMachine, his portfolio of work includes episodic television, commercials, and film. 
He has worked on the production side of the TV/Commecial and Event industries on projects that capitalize on the skill sets of the digital and fabrication and rapid prototyping worlds, fabricating specialty props and sets for commercials for clients such as Panasonic, Google, and Gillette and TV shows like The Knick. He currently works as a senior computer graphics generalist at FuseFX NYC by day, and he runs Cache Media in New York City a company he started for producing educational events such as Xpand.  Kim is a published author of 3ds Max software instructional books from publishers including New Riders and 3DATS. He has trained students worldwide in 3ds Max software for Autodesk, Inc., and he has taught undergraduate and continuing education for Pratt Institute. Kim is co-founder and director of the New York City 3ds Max User Group.

TALK: Your 3d skills can render more than just pixels

"While many 3d artists learned their craft with the goal of working in the obvious industries like gaming, vfx, or arch/design visualization, those very same skills have the potential to be used in other related fields as a means to a different end. In this talk we will look at how CG tools were used for planning and fabrication for various non-CG centric projects and show some of the potential branching career paths available to artists."  


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