"Lasse is co-founder of studio xoio from Berlin together with his partners Peter Stulz and Bettina Ludwig.  xoio from the early days on besides providing architectural visualisation services always was involved in designing processes very closely, which enabled them to keep a broad horizon concerning their product. During the years this helped a lot to broaden up their scope of work into different other fields resulting in today's shape of being a versatile agency offering tailor-made solutions to their clients - be it still or moving visualisations for architecture, real estate or product-marketing or illustrative works in the realm of editorial and advertising along with VR and realtime experiences."


TALK: Playful grinding and other dutch things


"This talk will tell about xoio's perspective on visualisation/cg work and how their open and curious approach to it led them through the past decade.

An experimental and sometimes erratic mindset leads to a lot of wonderful situations - Lasse will talk about a community- and exchange-driven view onto their field of work and some recent projects that are reflecting this and are expressing the ongoing efforts to keep moving, learning and nurturing passion in a growing team."