"Rico is a sound creative working with Digital Audio Workstation since the avent of the firstAtari. He spent 15 years in Paris working as free-lance in sound design and composition for Advertising and TV network, he’s now living in Amersfoort (NL) where he’s working fully in music production with different labels as Armada (NL) ,United recordings (UK), First impression(NL), DDB streaming music (NL) and his own but also in sound design and original composition. Marcobi Agency Istanbul ,Ubik(NL).

TALK: Last night the streaming kills my life

"Overwhelmed by the enormous amount of production uploaded on a daily basis worldwide and the expansion of streaming with it’s ridiculous rates of repayments for producers. My vision of music maker as a job as radically changed the past few years . I will show you how I built an Original Soundtrack for Synchronisation in a Digital audio workstation and tell you why it’s today better for me to do so."

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