EUE 2017 Speakers

Vlado Koylazov - Chaos Group - Bulgaria

Vlado Koylazov is co-founder and head of software development at Chaos Group, and is the driving force behind V-Ray. Passionate about 3D graphics and programming, Vlado is an expert in rendering theory and an avid supporter of the 3D community. He recently was awarded the Scientific & Engineering Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the development of V-Ray.

Anselm V. Seherr-Thoss - Incendii Visual Effects - USA

Ansi is an award winning Visual Effects Technical Director and VES (Visual Effects Society) member with emphasis on particle based effects as well as Fluid Simulations, Shading and Post Production.  He is currently the On-Set vfx supervisor on NCIS:New Orleans. He worked on movies like James Cameron's "Avatar", Transformers 4, Star Trek - Into Darkness, COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey, The Expendables 3, Northmen - A Viking Saga, G.I. Joe-Rise of Cobra, The A-Team, Ridley Scott's "Robin Hood", Priest, SuckerPunch(Previz), Beautiful Creatures (R&D), Dragonball: Evolution, Tree of Life(R&D), Clash of the Titans(3D conversion), Niko & The Way to the Stars, "Loewenzahn", Angel Camouflaged, and "Il sogno del Maratoneta" as well as numerous commercials and music videos. I consulted vfx on movies like Gulliver's Travel, Skyline, Moving Day (Shortfilm).


Hugo is a Director and VFX Supervisor working in the industry for 17 years. His clients included the BBC, Nexus, JellyFish and ultimately The Mill, where he became the Head of the Nuke Compositing Department and a VFX Supervisor for 4 years. Since 2014 Hugo works as a Director and VFX Supervisor at Fire Without Smoke, a London based agency specialised in Video Games marketing. Working in CG Games Cinematic Trailers for many triple A Games from like Just Cause 3, Until Dawn, Homefront The Revolution, EVE Valkyrie, The Crew and The Division.

Simon Fiedler - simon fiedler - Germany

Simon Fiedler is a freelance 3D artist based in Mainz, Germany. Besides working on commercial productions, he also produces tutorials in his free time on various topics and has been a speaker on several events. In the past years, he worked for several international clients and studios, always trying to blend creativity with technical knowledge.

Kim Lee - FuseFX - USA

A 15-plus year veteran of animation and visual effects for the entertainment field. Having worked for companies like Phosphene, MassMarket, Psyop, Walt Disney Animation Studios, and 1stAveMachine, his portfolio of work includes episodic television, commercials, and film. 
He has worked on the production side of the TV/Commecial and Event industries on projects that capitalize on the skill sets of the digital and fabrication and rapid prototyping worlds, fabricating specialty props and sets for commercials for clients such as Panasonic, Google, and Gillette and TV shows like The Knick. He currently works as a senior computer graphics generalist at FuseFX NYC by day, and he runs Cache Media in New York City a company he started for producing educational events such as Xpand.  Kim is a published author of 3ds Max software instructional books from publishers including New Riders and 3DATS. He has trained students worldwide in 3ds Max software for Autodesk, Inc., and he has taught undergraduate and continuing education for Pratt Institute. Kim is co-founder and director of the New York City 3ds Max User Group.

David Wortley - Taylor James - UK 

David Wortley is the Technical Director at Taylor James and is responsible for VFX Supervision, studio workflows, pipeline development, photography supervision, and research and development. You may also know Dave from his 3ds Max community blog and Facebook page Max Made Easy, contributing tutorials, scripts and tips to the community.  Dave also speaks at technology events such as SXSW discussing what the future of the creative industries holds.

Joshua Newman - Minmud - UK

Joshua is Creative Director at Minmud, a leading architectural agency that creates quality work using traditional artistic thinking. Minmud's work is often at the conceptual stage of a project when buildings are still just ideas. "The process should be fun and interesting and not too serious" says Joshua. Minmud has worked on many competition projects worldwide.

Márton Tóth - Brick Visual - Hungary

The always smiling Marci is deeply passionate about his work as an architect and 3D artist. After receiving his diploma at the Budapest University of Technology, he worked for several architect studios. At Brick he started as a 3D Artist, and quickly became a senior. Now he is a Chief Operations Officer, managing workgroup M with fourteen artists, but he still finds time to work in production as well. Marci used to do professional freestyle skiing, and he is still an active sportsman.

Eva Kruijswijk - Freelance  - The Netherlands

Eva Kruijswijk is an experienced UX Consultant. As a Certified User Experience Analyst (CXA) she can not only convince users to use a certain interface, she knows how to persuade users in wanting to use the interface. Analyzing users, their tasks and their needs are the fundaments of advanced user experience. Eva sets the bar high, has a critical view and delivers  thought-out and careful analyzed design solutions. She creates realistic feasible and visual attractive IT-solutions which fulfill the need of the target audience. Her broad and solid knowledge – design and front-end development – are a real asset. Eva works for a variety of companies; Lely, Danone, National Dutch Police, Public Prosecution Service, Heineken, Tour de France, Sodexo.


Rico is a sound creative working with Digital Audio Workstation since the avent of the firstAtari. He spent 15 years in Paris working as free-lance in sound design and composition for Advertising and TV network, he’s now living in Amersfoort (NL) where he’s working fully in music production with different labels as Armada (NL) ,United recordings (UK), First impression(NL), DDB streaming music (NL) and his own but also in sound design and original composition. Marcobi Agency Istanbul ,Ubik(NL).

William Torres - smoke & mirrors - The Netherlands

William has been working in 3D animation for almost 20 years. His projects have included film, TV shows and commercials, video games and interactive projects. He has headed teams at multiple studios, leading large-scale projects towards completion. Originally from New York City, William moved to the Netherlands in 2012 and immediately jumped into the local animation and post production industry.  He is currently the CG lead at Smoke & Mirrors' new Amsterdam studio. 



"Adam is partner and CEO at Render Legion - the creator of Corona Renderer.

Prior joining Ondrej and starting Render Legion together, Adam was working as an architectural visualiser for well-known studios like Vyonyx, AsymmetricA and VIZE and was recognised for his artistic approach in archviz."


Jean-Pierre Monclin - moka studio - germany

Jean-Pierre Monclin is co-founder of moka-studio, based in Hamburg, Germany. Jean-Pierre has been instrumental in establishing moka-studio into a leading Architectural Visualisation studio, working over the last 12 years alongside many of today's cutting edge architecture offices to create evocative renderings. Jean-Pierre has a passion for creating expressive imagery with a particular affinity for the interface between the render process and the compositing aspects of the workflow.

Lucas Brink-Abeler - Moka Studio - Germany

Lucas Brink-Abeler is a senior artist at moka-studio, and as such has been in charge of teams working on various large-scale project, for clients such including Foster+Partners, UNStudio, 
Allies & Morrison as well as other international practices. Lucas is also leading both the exploratory research and work in the field of VR, within the studio.


Jasper Brekelmans started in the professional Motion Capture industry over 15 years ago.
You may also know him as Brekel, creating tools for 3D pointcloud recording and markerless motion capture for consumer sensors like Kinect and Leap Motion.

He's been interested in VR/MR for quite a while and has lately been doing research in this field for collaborative experiences.
All of the above has resulted in Microsoft awarding him with the title: Emerging Experiences MVP."

Dax Pandhi - QuadSpinner - India

Dax is the co-founder of QuadSpinner, creators of the GeoGlyph terrain tools.

With over 15 years of industry experience, Dax has always been fond of combining art with code, and has a distinct passion for procedural creation. He has been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Person for 3 consecutive years in the field of User Experience.

Lasse Rode - XOIO - germany

"Lasse is co-founder of studio xoio from Berlin together with his partners Peter Stulz and Bettina Ludwig.  xoio from the early days on besides providing architectural visualisation services always was involved in designing processes very closely, which enabled them to keep a broad horizon concerning their product. During the years this helped a lot to broaden up their scope of work into different other fields resulting in today's shape of being a versatile agency offering tailor-made solutions to their clients - be it still or moving visualisations for architecture, real estate or product-marketing or illustrative works in the realm of editorial and advertising along with VR and realtime experiences.

Frederic Servant - Solid Angle/Autodesk - UK

Frederic is the Software Development Manager for the Arnold core and plugins teams at Autodesk and is based in London. He joined Solid Angle in 2012 as the lead developer of the Houdini to Arnold plugin (HtoA), providing support to Arnold customers and collaborating on shaders and translators ever since, and presenting his work at industry conferences such as FMX and SIGGRAPH. Prior to that, Frederic worked as an R&D engineer at The Mill in London and La Maison in Paris.

Zap Andersson - Autodesk - Sweden

Håkan "Zap" Andersson loves rendering, with a speciality in materials and shading. He is the father of the new renderer-independent "Physical Material" in 3ds max 2017, as well as several well known mental ray shaders ("Arch&Design", "Fast SSS" etc.). Ironically, Zap majored in Electronic Engineering (one of his mottos is “Nothing I do professionally I have any training for whatsoever”), but loved computer graphics so much that to even be able to write his first renderer (in BASIC... in 32 kb of RAM...) he had to design, hand-wire and solder his own graphics card... Zap lives with his wife and three boys way far out on the Swedish countryside, where he is quite often seen building - and flying - high-speed quadcopters

Eric de Broche - Luxigon - France

"Based in Paris (France), Eric de Broche founded Luxigon. His images quickly seduce famous architectural firms – OMA, MVRDV, REX, KPF, SOM just to name but a few – who have in turn promoted Luxigon as one of the most distinctive 3D renderings studios worldwide.Alongside his graphic design work, Eric regularly joins other design teams, contributes to publications and gives lectures on the theory, practice and history of image. Computer gaming technology and its possible applications in the world of art, as well as architecture and urbanism is another passion he pursues alongside teaching at the Harvard Graduate School of Design (Cambridge, Massachusetts), a newly acquired position. He willeventually die some day." 

Paul Roberts - iToo Software - spain

Paul joined iToo Software in 2013 as a technical writer and training materials developer and works closely with companies to help them get the most out of Forest Pack and RailClone. He has worked with 3ds Max for over fifteen years, training users in the architectural, games, and VFX industries.

Michael McCarthy - Ephere - USA

Michael McCarthy is an accomplished 3D artist and trainer from Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Michael’s skills in the 3D field are built on many years of fine arts training. Character and VFX animation are among Michael’s passions. As an author and contributor to many 3D publications like 3D World Magazine and "How to Cheat in 3ds Max" Michael enjoys participating in the education and development of aspiring artists.  Michael currently serves as the head of animation at Northeastern University in Boston MA. Next to this he works with many leading 3D developers doing UX design and training for products including Vray, Phoenix FD, Particle Flow, Thinking Particles, Ornatrix, Zookeeper, 3ds Max, and Character Animation Toolkit. His vast production experience on projects such as Spiderman 3, Nim’s Island, Infinite Crisis, Grimm, and Super Girl keep him engaged in all nuances of film, broadcast, and games production.

Ares Simone Monzio Compagnoni - Factory fifteen - UK

Ares is a 3D technical artist working at Factory Fifteen. He joined the Company in 2014, after training to be an Architect in Italy. Ares's technical bias has seen him grow from intern to one of the more senior technical artists in the company, who's specialisms range from pipelines, workflows and scripting, to advanced scattering for animation and real-time game engine visualization. Ares has worked on large architectural films, real-time animations and ambitious music videos along with several advertising projects at Factory Fifteen. 


Alf Lovvold is an experienced VFX artist and director from Norway. He is also a co-founder of Gimpville, an award winning VFX and animation studio in Oslo, Norway.

He has worked on numerous commercials and features over the past decade. Nowadays, he`s also busy developing and cultivating ideas into feature-length productions.

Andreas Glad - Partikel - sweden

Andreas has spent over 8 years working as a VFX artist in the games industry. In that time he has created effects on seven different platforms and catered to all audiences. He has created family-friendly powerups for Disney Universe, nasty blood squirts for Dead Space Extraction and massive house collapses for Battlefield 1. And everything in between. He is currently running a remote VFX company called Partikel. His passion is making breathtaking effects - whether pushing the boundaries of what current technology can handle, or simple, stylish and elegant. For Andreas, it's all about what makes the players go “Woah!"