EUE 2016 Speakers

Martin Enthed - IKEA

Martin has been fully engaged in all aspects of 3D and Computer Graphics, from programming to modelling, animating and rendering since the early 90s. He has lead CGI teams for a number of global companies.In 2007 he joined IKEA Communications AB, IKEAs in house agency. There Martin has devoted his time to set up professional 3D processes within IKEA, creating standards and tools as well as workflows for working with large scale 3D in a truly global environment.

Since 2011 he is acting as Development and Operations IT Manager. 

Vladimir "Vlado" Koylazov - Chaos Group

Vladimir "Vlado" Koylazov, co-founder and head of software development at Chaos Group, the makers of V-Ray and V-Ray RT. Passionate about 3D graphics and programming, Vlado is the driving force behind Chaos Group’s software solutions.  Vlado is an expert in rendering theory and an avid 3D community supporter and he often participates in forum discussions to help users solve rendering challenges.

Vlado won the 3D World Hall of Fame Award in 2014.

Solomon Rogers - Rewind

"Solomon Rogers founded REWIND, an immersive content production agency, in 2011 after 15 years as a Senior University Lecturer in Digital Animation, Visual Effects & Emerging Technology.  In 2015 Lord Marlon awarded him the first “VR Technology & Innovation” award from UK Trade & Investment.  Over the last couple of years REWIND has been considered a world leading VR production company according to the BBC, NBC, Sony, Red Bull, Lexus & Bjork.

REWIND has been working closely as an approved content provider for Oculus (Rift), Valve (Vive), Samsung (Gear VR) and Fove, plus building release VR demos for Autodesk, AMD and The Foundry. "

Adam Hotovy - Render Legion

Adam is partner and CEO at Render Legion - the creator of Corona Renderer. Prior joining Ondrej and starting Render Legion together, Adam was working as an architectural visualiser for well-known studios like Vyonyx, AsymmetricA and VIZE and was recognised for his artistic approach in archviz.

Adam will be talking about development plans and future of the Corona Renderer. His talk will include topics related to 3ds max & Cinema 4D plugins, VR, community, warez and a summary of the first year in business with the commercial version of Corona Renderer.

Juraj talcik - Talcik & Demovicova

Juraj is co-founder of architectural visualization boutique together with his partner Veronika. Focus of their work is slower paced, higher quality work mostly oriented towards real-estate and interior design.

He likes to maintain social media presence and help fellow artists with techniques and workflow, likewise teaching it in real-life when such opportunity presents.


For several years Nikos worked at Cityscape Digital as their lead 3d artist and then following on as CGI director. Eventually the call of the homeland grew too strong, but Nikos and Cityscape were like family too and did not want to part company. Instead they forged a new concept together,, a vision for CG driven by the philosophies of cinematic lighting. Today he is launching Creative Lighting Club, an exclusive community in which CG artists can learn and be inspired, a place to unleash the power of the artist

Job, Joris & Marieke - Job, Joris & Marieke

Job, Joris & Marieke is an animation studio. Their work can be described as cute, funny, poetic and sometimes disturbing. They work on commercials, educative projects, music videos and short films. The music video ‘ I’ll Take You Along ’ which they made for Dutch rapper Gers Pardoel became a big hit on Youtube in 2011 and has over 19 million hits by now. Their work reached even a bigger audience when their short film A Single Life was nominated for an Oscar in 2015.

Jasper Brekelmans - Brekel

Jasper Brekelmans started in the professional Motion Capture industry over 15 years ago.
You may also know him as Brekel, creating tools for 3D pointcloud recording and markerless motion capture for consumer sensors like Kinect and Leap Motion.

He's been interested in VR/MR for quite a while and has lately been doing research in this field for collaborative experiences.
All of the above has resulted in Microsoft awarding him with the title: Emerging Experiences MVP."

Jakob Saretz - Congaz & David Baker - Animation Design

Jakob Saretz has over 7 years of experience in motion design and visual effects. As Head of 2D at congaz visual media company, he has worked as a motion designer and compositor on numerous projects - from commercials to large event shows.

David Baker is a freelance 3D artist also known for his work at, which he started in 2000. He started experimenting with 3D as a teenager in London in the early 80s and, in 1991, started to work professionally with 3D Studio Release 1. He has been freelancing since 1996, mostly working on commercials, industrial animations, events and commercial MAXScripting.

Jeff Wagner - SideFX

Jeff "Old School" Wagner has been a part of the SideFX support team from the early days of PRISMS leading up to today's Houdini.

Over the years he has accumulated a vast wealth of knowledge and insight and is regarded by many as a true Houdini Guru. If you've encountered him online or watched one of the tutorials then now is the opportunity to meet him in person.

Alf Lovvold - Gimpville & Alf's private website

Alf Lovvold is an experienced VFX artist and aspiring director from Norway. He is also a co-founder of Gimpville, an award winning VFX and animation studio in Oslo, Norway.

He has worked on numerous commercials and features for the last 13 years. Nowadays, he's further developing his own spare-time project to materialize into a short or - Hollywood feature film.


Rune Spaans - Rune's website

Norwegian director and designer Rune Spaans has over 20 years of experience in design, animation and visual effects. He has contributed animation and VFX to films such as Monster Thursday (2004) and Trollhunter (2010), and directed several award winning commercials.

In 2015 he directed the children’s feature film Two Buddies and a Badger. The Absence of Eddy Table is his first short film.”


Knut Ramstad, Visualization Director at Nordic — Office of Architecture and adjunct Professor at NTNU - Norwegian University of Science and Technology is a registered architect based in Oslo.

Since the early 90’s, Knut has been working in larger national and international urban developments and architectural projects; continuously striving to expand and improve the use of 3D in design, decision making, quality control and communication. 

Ciro Sannino - Learnvray

Ciro Sannino started 10 years ago working with V-Ray with the idea of creating images with the implicit excitement of a photographic light. Combining his academic studies in Process Design and a brand new vision of V-Ray, he launches the 5SRW method, enhancing the traditional workflow with the power of the full photographic approach. Ciro is an official instructor certified by Chaos Group, nowadays he works as a Trainer and Manager at and continues performing workshops and master classes all over the world. He's currently working on the second edition of his book

Boyo Frederix & Tom Schuijt - Postoffice

Boyo is head of 3D at Postoffice. He has been creating photoreal VFX for the advertising industry for over 8 years. He also works on the R&D for Postoffice's crowds, fur and other pipelines.
Tom is a multi specialist VFX artist with skills in 3D,  compositing and editing. Whatever needs to be done, he's your guy! They will be talking about their digital cows, bees, cars and mocap techniques for TV commercials.
Postoffice is a full service post-production house founded in 1986 working on advertising, feature films and music videos.

Sebastian & Jan - CD PROJEKT RED

Sebastian Kalemba - Lead Animator, CD PROJEKT RED, 10 years of experience in cinematic and game industry, animation Mentor at

Jan Strzyżewski - Animation Producer for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Cyberpunk 2077. An alumni of PWSFTviT in Lodz.

Kamil & Michal - CD PROJEKT RED

Kamil Grzelak - Senior Lighting Artist, CD PROJEKT RED, 15 years of experience in the movie industry as Head of 3D/VFX Supervisor/Project Lead.

Michał Stec - Senior Art Producer for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Cyberpunk 2077. Experience includes production roles in the movie industry. An alumni of PWSFTviT in Lodz.


Simon Holmedal is a senior 3D artist / TD working for Man vs Machine in London. He studied graphic design at Forsbergs School of Communication and Motion Graphics at HyperIsland. Simon specialises in abstract effects and procedural workflows with a heavy a emphasis on design. He’s well known in the Cinema 4D crowd but has more recently transitioned over more to Houdini as his primary weapon of choice. 

Tools of choice Cinema 4D / Houdini / Arnold / Octane

Ivo Duarte - THe Inner Sea

After having worked for 7 years as a programmer in multiple studios, across different countries Ivo Duarte finally decided to follow his dream and go indie.

The last gig he was on was at Ubisoft Massive working on Tom Clancy’s The Division, before that he was involved in several titles including Jambo! Safari, Kung Fu Panda 2, Be the master and Sacred Citadel.


“Hugo is an award winning Director and VFX Supervisor working in the industry since 1999. After working as a freelancer Artist in Portugal, Sweden and London, in 2010, he joined The Mill London as a Visual Effects Supervisor and Head of the Nuke Compositing Department where he worked in more then 100 productions managing a team of +25 artists. These days Hugo splits his time between lecturing and presenting events for The Foundry, teaching in some of the best VFX schools in the world and working with Fire Without Smoke, a London based agency specialised in Video Games marketing. In the past year he work as a Cinematic Director in trailers for Square Enix’s Just Cause 3, Space Ape’s Rival Kingdoms, Sony’s Until Dawn and Deep Silver’s Homefront The Revolution”

Eddie Perlberg - Autodesk

The current Product Manager for 3ds Max as well as a representative of some of the other members of the Autodesk family including our “Live Design” initiative and other software titles and services. Prior to taking this roll, I was a Technical Specialist at Autodesk in the M&E division, evangelizing and demonstrating how 3ds Max fits into various workflows with a focus on Design Visualization. Prior to Autodesk, I was CAD Manager and Visualization Artist at a number of Architectural firms in the US. Like many of you, I have extended my passion for working with 3ds Max to doing work in motion graphics as well as consulting for the pipeline development of a few games companies.

Kelcey Simpson - Autodesk 

Kelcey Simpson is Product Design Manager for 3ds Max, and lives in sunny Austin, Texas, ya’ll.  Prior to Autodesk, Kelcey did her time in the game industry, in areas of Art Direction, Technical Direction, Modeling, Animation/Mocap, and Pipeline Development, as well as other work in print, commercials, visualization, and 2D animation.   She joined Autodesk as a Technical Specialist, promoting best practices and tips and tricks to customers throughout the US and around the world, and later moved into development, where she designed many of your favorite tools for 3ds Max.  

Zap Andersson - Autodesk

Håkan "Zap" Andersson loves rendering, with a speciality in materials and shading. He is the father of the new renderer-independent "Physical Material" in 3ds max 2017, as well as several well known mental ray shaders ("Arch&Design", "Fast SSS" etc.). Ironically, Zap majored in Electronic Engineering (one of his mottos is “Nothing I do professionally I have any training for whatsoever”), but loved computer graphics so much that to even be able to write his first renderer (in BASIC... in 32 kb of RAM...) he had to design, hand-wire and solder his own graphics card... Zap lives with his wife and three boys way far out on the Swedish countryside, where he is quite often seen building - and flying - high-speed quadcopters.


Neil joined the Autodesk team in February 2000 and worked in the ADN/Sparks group helping out the developers around the world.  This lead to, too much travel but also the opportunity to give presentations at both GDC and Siggraph.    
Now with the new challenges of ever increasing capabilities of rendering for both offline and real-time he is faced with the task of running the rendering team to make sure that 3ds Max is ready for the next stage of the rendering revolution.  Whilst not at the computer, Neil enjoys building and driving remote controlled cars and ultimately fixing them after the next big crash.


Daniel is a professional tinkerer at heart. One day while typing random things on his TRS-80, he realized that some words would actually make the computer do stuff, and hence the programmer was born. Through a combination of sheer luck and more luck, he found his way into the computer graphics industry and learned some of the ins and outs of rendering. Daniel likes to fix what's broken, but then in rendering everything is always broken in one way or another - and so Daniel is generally in a happily-annoyed state of mind while tinkering away on a new rendering problem.


Stefano joined Autodesk after the recent aquisition of Solid Angle where he was working on Arnold of course. Throughout his working life he has been dealing with software development for commercial 3d applications and feature animation movies.  His specialties are around Arnold in recent times and plugins and shader development throughout his working career. 

Jean-Pierre van Gastel - Datech

JP is using Autodesk products since 1992. After learning AutoCAD and 3D Studio DOS and working a couple of years as an AutoCAD draftsman he started working in 1995 for TOPCAD, the Benelux Autodesk Distributor back then. JP has been an Autodesk Certified Instructor for 3ds Max since 2010. After two decades, he is still working for an Autodesk VAD (Datech) and supports resellers in Benelux and UK these days by doing webinars, customer visits and live events with 3ds Max, Maya and Stingray.

Alex Horst - Autodesk

Alex’s extensive experience with 3ds Max dates right the way back to high school where he gave his first demo of 3D Studio R3 in 1993. Since then, Alex has worked with a huge amount of customers mainly in the games and design visualisation industry. Along the way he has produced real-time projects for Volkswagen, event agencies and medical institutes.

Today Alex focuses on the optimal use of 3ds Max and Autodesk Media & Entertainment software. He supports companies to optimize their creative processes and helps to get the best out of the Autodesk solutions.

John Redfern - Redfern Animation

John Redfern is an antiquarian horologist, animator and film-maker, with more than 40 years experience as a restorer and 25 years of animation and filming; working with some of the finest and most interesting clocks and watches in the world.

Films incorporating, and blending, animation, macro-filming and motion-control, expose and explain the inner workings and complexities of antique and modern watches. 


"Ted Boardman is an independent 3ds Max trainer from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA.  Ted's training specializes in helping new and experienced users increase productivity by focusing on fundamental concepts that are often overlooked.

Ted has authored over a dozen books and online training courses."

Michael McCarthy - Ephere

Michael McCarthy is an accomplished 3D artist and trainer from Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Michael’s skills in the 3D field are built on many years of fine arts training. Character and VFX animation are among Michael’s passions. As an author and contributor to many 3D publications like 3D World Magazine and "How to Cheat in 3ds Max" Michael enjoys participating in the education and development of aspiring artists.  Michael currently serves as the head of animation at Northeastern University in Boston MA. Next to this he works with many leading 3D developers doing UX design and training for products including Vray, Phoenix FD, Particle Flow, Thinking Particles, Ornatrix, Zookeeper, 3ds Max, and Character Animation Toolkit. His vast production experience on projects such as Spiderman 3, Nim’s Island, Infinite Crisis, Grimm, and Super Girl keep him engaged in all nuances of film, broadcast, and games production.

Svend Eric Panjer - Delta Light

Svend Eric is an interior designer which specialist in lighting design 20 years ago. 

Learned the basics at renowned architectural and retail lighting manufacturers and has been involved in wide variety of projects all over the world. Svend Eric had his own independent lighting design company Bique Lighting and is now Senior Lighting Consultant at Delta Light. 

Dmitry Kozlov - AMD

Dmitry is MTS Software Engineer in AMD FirePro team, where he is engaged in development of new graphics technologies including AMD FireRays and FireRender libraries. His research interests include real-time rendering, rasterization, ray-tracing and point-based graphics. He holds a degree in applied math from National Research University named after N.I.Lobachevsky in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.


Takahiro Harada is a researcher and the architect of a GPU global illumination renderer called Firerender at AMD. He developed Forward+ and GPU rigid body simulation solver which is used as a base of Bullet 3.0. Before joining AMD he engaged in research and development on real-time physics simulation on PC and game consoles at Havok. Before coming to the industry, he was in academia as an assistant professor at the university of Tokyo where he also earned his Ph.D. in Engineering.

Joep van der Steen - enduserclub

Joep van der Steen, one of the founding fathers of the EUE with over 25 years of experience in the CG world.  He has worked as a reseller, doing productions, being an author, community builder and some other things.

Likes to drive his vintage bikes if they actually work.