"Ted Boardman is an independent 3ds Max trainer from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA.  Ted's training specializes in helping new and experienced users increase productivity by focusing on fundamental concepts that are often overlooked.

Ted has authored over a dozen books and online training courses."

TALK: Just more "ted stuff"

After 10 years, why change course now?

This session will cover some of those day to day tips that you can use on Monday to increase your production. Topics and tips will be included ranging from 3ds Max settings and preferences, materials, modeling, animation, and rendering.

In a busy production environment there is a tendency to get yourself in a workflow rut and forget about some of the fundamental techniques you probably already know, just forget to apply them. A few reminders can be helpful in reintroducing some long lost skills that can be useful no matter your skill level.

Come in, sit down, and take a load off your feet to absorb tools and workflows that you have neglected for so long.

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