"William has been working in 3D animation for almost 20 years. His projects have included film, TV shows and commercials, video games and interactive projects. He has headed teams at multiple studios, leading large-scale projects towards completion. Originally from New York City, William moved to the Netherlands in 2012 and immediately jumped into the local animation and post production industry.  He is currently the CG lead at Smoke & Mirrors' new Amsterdam studio."

TALK: Rigging tips & tricks: How to avoid getting into trouble

"In this talk William will share some general tips for creating useful animation rigs and what you can do to avoid major mistakes and headaches.  Ranging from the simple "duh of course" to the complex "do we really need that?", William will explain what and why you should consider certain concepts and methods of rigging.  He will also give some examples of the most interesting rigs he has used across his career."

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