Håkan "Zap" Andersson says “I’ll be back”. Zap loves rendering, with a speciality in materials and shading. This year he has worked on MAXtoA, the Arnold plugin for 3ds max. He is also the father of the renderer-independent "Physical Material" in 3ds max, and has spent a large chunk of his life developing a lot of popular shaders for mental ray.

Ironically, Zap majored in Electronic Engineering (one of his mottos is “Nothing I do professionally I have any training for whatsoever”), but loved computer graphics so much that to even be able to write his first renderer (in BASIC... in 32 kb of RAM...) he had to design, hand-wire and solder his own graphics card... Zap lives way far out on the Swedish countryside, where he is quite often seen building - and flying - high-speed quadcopters.


Talk: Get to da Choppa’ – Arnold in 3ds Max 2018

"Rendering in 3sd max 2018: A quick overview of what’s been done, and some peeking into the future. Then, as main event, Zap will be showing off MAXtoA – the Arnold 5 plugin for 3ds Max – as well as talking about the journey of going from nothing - to a fully functioning rendering plugin in just one year…."

“Fiery explosions - guaranteed.”

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